We are delighted that you have chosen Church Farmhouse as your accommodation.

To ensure a smooth and secure reservation process, we use Airbnb’s secure online booking system. By clicking the ‘Book Your Stay’ buttons below, you will be redirected to Airbnb’s website in a new browser tab, where you can easily create your reservation without any hassle.


Booking Assistance

If you are interested in staying in either of our self-catering accommodation units or if you require assistance with your reservation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you and can make the reservation on your behalf.

Full House

If you would like to book the entire Church Farmhouse for up to twelve guests, please use the button below to visit our Booking Assistance page.

Events Venue

If you have plans for a wedding, event, or special celebration, we would be thrilled to discuss the possibilities of transforming Church Farmhouse into your dream venue.





We look forward to welcoming you to Church Farmhouse.

Best regards,

Dave Norman